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Outdrive Your Buddies: Great Driver Golf Swing Tips

The quest for more distance from the tee never ends for many of us amateur golfers and, after a period of time away from the game, chances are those feelings have just got even stronger.  

Maybe you're not striking the golf ball as clean as you would like, or perhaps you're failing to reach those long par-4s and shorter par-5s in two blows. As we've all found out, simply swinging harder can be a recipe for disaster, so if you want to be smashing your driver further (and straighter) and out-driving your buddies in the process, check out these great golf tips below.

Firstly, as with any golf shot, set-up is key. In order to be in the best position to hit your driver longer and straighter, Chris Ryan zone sin on the fundamentals of a good driver set-up at address.

As you will likely know, the first few inches of the golf swing - the takeaway - is extremely important. Here, Adam Bazalgette shows you his favourite drill for your takeaway in the driver swing.

What are the biggest faults in the driver swing? As you'd no doubt expect, they are many. Top golf coach Eric Cogorno helps solve what he sees as the five most common: ball position, tilt at address, the hold, swing direction and head too far forward of the ball.

Of course, if you can strike the golf ball out of the centre of the clubface more regularly, you'll smash your driver further and straighter. Check out these great tips from the boys at MeAndMyGolf.

For those of you who already have the fundamentals in place, here's a great downswing movement from friend of Hole19, Eric Cogorno. He rarely sees any of his students make this key move from transition into the downswing.

One other thing you could do to outdrive your playing partners is listen to probably the best driver of a golf ball in the game: Rory McIlroy. Back in 2018, Andy and Piers from MeAndMyGolf caught up with the four-time major champion.

One final bonus comes in the form of a complete series of Rick Shiels driver videos which cover everything from set-up all the way through the follow-through. The first is below and you can follow the series from there.

Hopefully, you've found a few helpful golf tips that you can implement into your game to get you out-driving your playing partners regularly.


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