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Photo/Vine/Twitter Blog from the Portugal Masters

St. Andrews

I love trophy ceremonies, especially when they're right behind port-o-pottys.

This past weekend, the Portugal Masters attracted dozens, even hundreds, of visitors to the Victoria Course at Vilamoura GC to watch...2 rounds over 4 days.

Yep, play was suspended at least once each of the 4 days. This is in PORTUGAL, a founding member of the 300 Days of Sun Club.

Anyways, Team Hole19 was THERE, and this is the epic story in photos, Vines, and Tweets...

[if I was an advanced blogger I would insert a Star Wars Music play button here]

Photos tell a story...

St. Andrews
St. Andrews

Vines tell a story...

Tweets tell a story...

Cherry on top...

Marco Crespi retweeted us!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!!!! An actual European Tour pro! We're climbing the ladder!!! Let's gooooooooooooo Hole19!

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