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PlayersFuel Announce CBD Product Line Expansion

Since its launch in November 2020, PlayersFuel has developed multiple solutions to address the access, opportunities, and performance gaps that exist within golf so that all players who want to play the game have that option.

The next step of that journey is to expand the brand’s focus on health and wellness products.

PlayersFuel currently supports five different levels of golfing support, including juniors, Paralympic, and long drive. When combined with their unique approach to infusing cannabidiol (CBD) into gummies, chewing gum, creams, and more, athletes can prepare their bodies for the grind of 18 holes.

The signature PlayersFuel CBD Oil has many wide-ranging benefits both on and off the golf course. Take just two drops before, during and after your game and it can help transform your golf performance.

PlayersFuel currently provides apparel, facial coverings, oils, and more so that golfers can take command of their game. These products work in conjunction with an extensive ambassadorship program that receives representation through over 60 ambassadors in 13 countries.

When combined with a lifestyle filled with healthy habits and daily sessions at a local course or driving range, PlayersFuel is part of the recipe that can help each golfer begin or continue the journey of lowering their handicap or experiencing professional success.

Anyone wishing to experience the PlayersFuel difference through CBD inclusion is invited to visit to take advantage of the company’s free training programming. Product availability is currently limited to the United Kingdom, Asia, and the United States.

If you want to have some fun, grab some golf clubs. When you’re ready to change your life, embrace the fuel you need to level up with PlayersFuel and CBD.

PlayersFuel is a brand started by golfers to help golf grow at the grassroots level. The company supports each athlete’s daily efforts to improve their game. Founded in 2020, it has quickly grown into a global force supporting multiple levels of health and wellness. More information is available at, sending an email to or social media via Facebook or Instagram.


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