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Porto & the North Region - The perfect mini-break destination

It's approaching that time of year. The Christmas and New Year break is a distant memory and Summer is still a way off in the horizon. It's the time when we all start to get that 'I need a break' feeling - perhaps not an extensive break, just time to recharge.

There's no better place to unplug and unwind than in Porto & the North Region of Portugal.

First off, it's easy to reach from pretty much anywhere in Europe. So you aren't going to spend a lot of your well-earned time off traveling there and back. From London, you're talking a little over 2 hours to get to Porto airport.

In just a couple of hours, you could find yourself basking in springtime sunshine, sampling some of the area's famous wines, taking in Porto's stunning riverside scenery. The region is also incredibly accessible, which means you can get a big experience out of only a short amount of time.

Easily reached from Porto is the city of Braga, sometimes known as the 'Portuguese Rome' owing to its religious architecture. It may be an ancient city but Braga is full of life well known for its food and festivals.

Then there's GuimarĂ£es, a charming historic city and World Heritage Site. Portugal's original capital is a fascinating day trip outside of Porto, packed with culture and references to a by-gone era in Portugal.

You really don't need a lot of time to experience something special in Portugal. Perhaps it's time to book that short break you've been craving?

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