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Skillest: Golf Training Content from the best coaches

Hole19 and Skillest have teamed up to bring you the best golf training videos and tips to help you improve your golf game.

Meet Skillest

Baden Schaff, a leading PGA teaching professional was frustrated with the restrictive nature of his business. He could only teach students who lived nearby and was limited to working within his scheduled coaching hours.

Meanwhile Alan Gao, an amateur golfer with a knack for coding was frustrated because he wanted to compare different golf teachers to see which one provided the best lessons for him.

So, Baden and Alan did what any great entrepreneurs do, they joined forces to build a tool that they wanted to use. Baden wanted a great analytical tool to use during his lessons at the golf range, a tool that helped students get more out of each lesson and instructions they could take home with them. Alan wanted a tool that let him send videos of his golf swing to coaches and get an online analysis from a coach that was right for him.

Skillest for students

Skillest is a great tool to discover new coaches from around the world and use their expertise to improve your golf. With video feeds, tips and access to one-on-one lessons and 24 x 7 swing support, Skillest is a game changer that will provide the answers to your golfing questions.

Today Skillest is enabling students from across the globe to learn from incredible coaches such as @chrisryangolf @shkeengolf @sggolfcoaching @evancathergolf @andreaskali and many many more. Skillest is revolutionising the learning process and breaking down all geographic barriers.

Coaches Content

You can find some examples below of the informative coaching lessons that allow students to achieve tangible results in improving their golfing ability...

In this video of an online lesson on Skillest, Steven Giuliano demonstrates the side tilt and extension required to maintain a more stable axis.

In this video, Steven gives a live lesson on how to best play greenside bunker shots...

Having the advice of great coaches is very important in the path of learning and improving, and with Skillest they're right at your fingertips. Watch this interview Baden has with one of the world's most popular Youtube Coaches Chris Ryan, who you can, of course, find on Skillest! (You can follow him on his instagram account too)


Skillest on the Hole19 App

Now Hole19 users can find and follow Skillest through the Hole19 App and get some of the best golf instructional content and coaches' tips, the best of both worlds helping you improve your golf game!
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Looking for a coach? You can download the Skillest App!...

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