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Casio Pro Trek Competition Winners

We recently partnered with Casio to bring the Hole19 Golf App to their tough and durable Pro Trek Smartwatch, here it is in action:

To celebrate the launch of the App, we ran a competition to give Hole19 golfers the chance to win a brand new Casio Pro Trek of their very own.

The challenge - share snaps of the toughest lies they faced out on the golf course...

We had so many great entries and it was unbelievably difficult to pick our 3-winners. But after some lengthy deliberation and debate, we were finally able to settle on our winners.

James Alexander

James Alexander

One of the prickliest predicaments we saw and there's no way a normal, run-of-the-mill, everyday wearable device could be plunged into that and emerge unscathed. The ball also happens to be about 5ft James, did you have a go baseball swinging it out of there?!

Etienne Pochet

Etienne Pochet

We loved the in-action shot of Etienne taking on this gravity-defying bunker lie, with what looks like a pretty full-blooded swing to boot. There was much debate here at Hole19 HQ as to exactly how each of us might deal with this, very few were as bold as you!

Matthew Biddle

Matthew Biddle

Sure, Matthew's ball might be on the green. But anyone that heads out on to a golf course, to play a round, where they face a putt like this needs to go armed with something that can handle the elements - more than just a fair-weather wearable.

We loved this picture, it captures exactly what the Pro Trek is all about - playing hard, no matter the conditions.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone that entered. We had an absolute blast looking through all the great images, even though it made it super hard to pick a winner.


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