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Pure Your Irons With These Great Golf Tips

Is there any better sensation in golf than absolutely nailing a long iron right on the sweet spot and watching it rocket towards your intended target? It's one of those feelings that keeps us all coming back for more.

To help you enjoy that buzz on a more regular basis, we've been trawling through endless videos to bring you some of the best golf tips to help you pure your irons. Not all superheroes wear capes, right? Check out what we've come up with below.

Nail Your Set-Up

First up, Chris Ryan gives you some set-up tips to ensure both your hips and shoulders are in the best position possible to strike the golf ball pure. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer, make sure you're ticking these checkpoints off.

Perfect Your Takeaway

Many faults in the golf swing can be routed back to problems in the first few inches of the takeaway. Without an understanding of what a good takeaway looks like, golfers will struggle to hit pure iron shots.

Control Your Clubface In The Downswing

One of the biggest mistakes Eric Cogorno sees in amateur golfers' golf swings is an opening of the clubface through the downswing and towards impact. Check out this great drill to keep the clubface square (or even slightly closed).

Gain Depth & Turn Into Impact

Top golf coach (and friend of Hole19) Eric Cogorno explains the importance of maintaining depth and maximising rotation with the lower body as you move into impact.

Take A Divot After The Ball

For many golfers who hit their irons 'OK' the main thing missing from their iron play is an ability to take a divot after the ball. The guys from MeAndMyGolf have a great drill below to help you improve this part of your game.

One For The Slicers

If you're one of the many golfers who struggle to get rid of the dreaded slice, this single tip from Andy and Piers could unlock your path to a great golf ball flight.


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