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Putting Drills - Long Putt Tips

We've taken a look at some putting drills to help with those short, pressure it's time to move onto something a little longer.

Being able to effectively judge the roll and weight of a long putt can bail out your short game. We'd all love to be able to consistently knock the ball to within 8ft with an approach shot...but some of us are only human!

Here are some drills to help you with the longer side of putting:

Lag it like Phil - Here's how a Master gets it done

The 'No Look' method to improve consistency and distance control...

Now an 'eyes-up' method which is less about distance and more about reading green

A useful suggestion on approaching long putts...

And, just because we love it, here's the Jack Nicklaus approach to a 100ft+ putt...

Struggle with those 3-4ft pressure putts? We've got some drills for shorter putts right here if you need them.


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