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High Profile Putting Disasters

As the old saying goes, driving's for show and putting's for dough!!

It's all well and good being one of the longest drivers on Tour, but if you can't get the little white ball in the hole, you're likely to struggle.

When the short stick becomes as cold as ice it's fun for no-one, least of all its infuriated owner. With that said, looking back over some of the highest-profile putting disasters in recent times did raise a chuckle or two in the office.

For your enjoyment, we have listed some of our favourite pro putting fails below. You're welcome!

Hennie Otto

We've all played with someone who lets the game get the better of them (perhaps it's been us) and, at times, it can be pretty hilarious to watch a perfectly lucid grown-up display immense levels of petulance and to see their game disintegrate before our very eyes.

Hennie Otto did just that back in 2005 at the Nashua Masters.

Ernie Els

If we were ever looking for evidence that the putting yips can hit any golfer at any time, look no further than this video of two-time major champion Ernie Els taking SIX putts from three feet.

It would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact that Ernie is one of the game's most loved exponents. Still, it's pretty funny all the same.

Sergio Garcia

Back at the 2016 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass, Spaniard Sergio Garcia suffered the ignominy of a dreaded six-putt on the course's 6th hole.

We're pretty sure he'd have cheered up if he knew that a Green Jacket and first major championship would be coming his way in around 11 months.

Rory McIlroy

Whoever said lightning never strikes in the same place twice obviously didn't watch Rory McIlroy's performance at the 2014 BMW Championship.

The four-time major winner was left rather red-faced when he four-putted on the 12th green during his third and final rounds at Cherry Hills C.C. After taking four putts from four feet for triple bogey on Saturday, he suffered the same fate the following day from a little further before finally settling for a double bogey five.

Brandt Snedeker

Four putts are never welcome, but when they come on the final hole of the penultimate event in the PGA Tour season and block your attempts to make it to the money-spinning seasonal finale at East Lake Golf Club, it's likely to sting a little.

It happened to Brandt Snedeker, and it was pretty hard to watch.

Have you endured any horror stories with the putter in hand? Who knows, it may be therapeutic to discuss your own putting calamities - feel free to unburden yourself below.


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