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REVIEW: Vessel Players 2.0 Stand Bag

Vessel is not a new brand to market, but one that you might not have necessarily heard of. But, they have been building luxury products for a number of years now and worked with some amazing brands and athletes alike on the PGA and LPGA tours. You might not be aware but they also design the bag that Tiger Woods uses on Tour, as well as collaborating with Cobra for some of their limited edition pieces including the Camouflage Masters Edition.

Vessel go beyond the fairways and also provide ultimate leather goods with a fantastic range of backpacks, luggage and women's handbags, as well as a number of accessories, including wallets and watches.

Players 2.0 Review:

The Players 2.0 stand bag might just be the best stand bag we have ever reviewed! It is the top of the line stand bag in Vessel’s collection built specifically for providing the ultimate luxury experience and ensuring the best performance too.

Available with either a 6 way or 14 way divider, and in a variety of different colourways, including a Navy/White combination. The Player’s bag has 7 intentionally designed pockets, strategically placed allowing you to easily access every pocket when you need it and keep your valuables safe and your drinks cold. This bag is also jam packed with features/technologies to give you the ultimate experience when carrying your clubs:

  • Patented Rotator Stand System for Maximum stability
  • Patented self adjusting - Equilibrium Strap
  • Magnetic Velour lined Range Finder Pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Seam sealed velour lined waterproof valuables pocket
  • Dual purpose bottle opener/ towel ring
  • Detachable ball pocket for personalisation
  • All weather rain hood
  • Umbrella holder
  • Pen Holder
  • Premium waterproof zippers throughout with genuine leather pulls

The Players stand bag looks ultra premium and stylish, and more importantly works brilliantly as a golf bag.  Then when you take into account all the features above, you realise just how much more the Players 2.0 actually is! It features Tour grade synthetic leather, carbon fibre legs and genuine leather touchpoints, which make it stand out from a generic stand bag straight away. Small details such as a velour lined magnetic pocket for your rangefinder, or a towel ring that doubles up as a bottle opener. The flat base of the bag allows it to be stored upright or go on the back of a cart with ease. The bag comes in at only 2.6kg too.

We also love the fact that the ball pocket is detachable and can be personalised with your initials, company logo or whatever you like!

Final Verdict:

Vessel have genuinely produced one of the finest stand bags in the World right now. The design is very understated yet sleek and doesn't include any of the big brand logos you would see on most golf bags, giving a premium look and feel. The level of detail that has gone into every aspect of the design and user experience is unparalleled. It is genuinely a joy to carry your clubs around the links, and utilising their technology a very comfortable experience too. Some people may be put off by the price, and yes at $345 this bag carries a premium price tag, but you get what you pay for. The Players 2.0 gives you everything you would ever need and want with a stand bag, which has been crafted to the highest standard.

For more information click here: Players 2.0 Stand Bag


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