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RĒVO sunglasses showcase

RĒVO are a very well established sunglasses brand from the US that uses the latest and most innovative technology to create some of the best sunglasses on the planet. In 2020, RĒVO expanded and opened their EU shop bringing their sunglasses across the pond and being able to reach many more golfers.

RĒVO was born out of NASA in 1985 when optical engineer Dr Mitch Ruda took the idea of using coatings to protect satellite portholes from space radiation and implemented them in a pair of sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun. After years of innovating and extending their range REVO broke into the performance sports market including skiing, sailing, running cycling and golf and have developed specific lenses for golf.

The drive lens is perfect for golf due to the lens ability to separate colours down to minute levels of contrast which makes it perfect for reading subtle breaks of a green. As well as giving you a clearer picture of your line all REVO lenses are digital device friendly, reducing glare and enhancing clarity of digital screens make them a perfect partner for Hole19 users.

All RĒVO sunglasses  also feature their signature NASA based light management system technology, which meticulously manages the full spectrum of light. Every lens also protects from 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC light to help prevent vision problems.

We took a deeper look into a couple of models: Descend and Tarquin. The two have different styles but can both be used for golf and contain the drive lens. First thing to note is that the frames are made to the highest quality standards. The DESCEND model in particular is perfect for golf as the rimless design helps to give you a wide field of view, something that is needed on the course. Also the lightweight sleek design ensures that you have a secure fit that doesn’t pinch or slip through the golf swing. The Tarquin model is not necessarily designed specifically  for the golf course, however with the drive lens again offers you incredible ability and separating colours.

For panoramic views and activities requiring excellent peripheral vision, Descend N is ideal. Its rimless design offers a wide field of view and keeps this frame feeling lightweight all day. MotionFit™ design ensures a secure fit without pinching or slipping. The NASA-based polarized lens technology makes Descend N the best sunglasses for golfing, fishing, driving, and everyday wear.

With lots of styles to choose from you are going to find the perfect model for you for both on and off course use and what better way than with 25% discount for Hole19 users with code HOLE19.

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