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Rick Shiels: This ILLEGAL Golf Ball Only Flies Straight

Ever wished you could find a golf ball that obeyed your every command and found the fairway every time without fail? In this video, Rick Shiels PGA golf professional puts the 'Ultimate Straight' golf ball from Polara Golf to the test!

You're certainly not going to be allowed to game this golf ball in tournament play but can it cure your slice or stop you hooking it? Can this illegal golf ball help you to hit more fairways and hit more greens? Is it possible that it could help you lower your scores, however illegitimate the final number may be?

This week, just for a little fun, Rick heads out onto the Marriott Worsley golf course in Manchester and test's Polara Golf's 'Ultimate Straight' claims. He also tries to get a hole in one with the golf ball and even gives the golf ball to some average golfers. Will they hit the golf ball straight or will the shank it into the trees?  Find out below...

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