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Recently we made a few tweaks to the app. We do this quite a bit, often just little things to make it run a bit smoother or use a little less battery than it did before. For the most part, these things go unnoticed and everyone is able to go about their business.

Recently we made a change to the way you save and share your rounds which seems to have caused some confusion.

The change...

Once you complete your round, you'll be presented with the option to Post or Skip at the end.

Round Post or Share

If you select 'Post', you will share your round to the feed as usual. Opting to 'Skip' will save your round but will not post/share it on the feed. This is why your rounds are no longer appearing on your feed.

Your round can be accessed through the 'Rounds List' tab. Here's how you do this for iOS and here's how you do this for Android.

Why did we do this?

Simple, because Hole19 golfers wanted us to.

We received feedback from a number of users who wanted to be able to easily skip the share part when they saved their round. So we set about putting something together for just that purpose.

We're sorry for any confusion this change may have caused but we cross-our-hearts-and-hope-to-die promise that your rounds have been saved.

As always, we're right here if you need anything.

Happy Golfing!


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