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Skillest: Sharpen Your Golf Game With Baden Schaff

This week’s Skillest instructional content comes from the founder himself. Baden Schaff has been teaching golf for over 15 years and is one of Australia’s most passionate and informed coaches.

He created Skillest because he wanted to build a global student/teacher community. Students should have access to any coach that they desire and coaches should have seamless tools to teach any student anywhere on earth.

You can learn from Baden on Skillest now or follow him on Instagram at @badenschaff.

Wait no more, here you have Baden's latest golf lesson videos:

Swing direction
Too often golfers are trying to swing out to 1 o’clock. It’s time to break that myth:

Hitting the ball further... Where does power come from?
Most people are trying to get it by moving their body all over the place. Consistency and power come from getting your arms in the right order:

Anatomy of a lesson
By doing a swing analysis, Baden teaches how to correctly build a golf swing with no tilt:

Pressure change and maintenance of shape
There is a huge difference between shifting your weight and shifting your pressure:

Don't forget to follow Baden on Instagram via @badenschaff and via the Skillest app.

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