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Get Sharp for the New Golf Season: Your Short Game

We're cruising our way towards March and April and the 'unofficial' start to the 2018 Golfing season.

Last week we went through a few stretches to help you loosen up ahead of the 2018 tee-off, this week we're looking at your wedge play and putting practice.

Here are 5 quick and easy short-game practice exercises to help you get in the groove:

First let's start with a 50-yard chipping tip from that wizarding-wedge-wielder, Phil Mickelson.

Don't leave your short-game short of options in 2018. This first video from Chris Ryan will help you approach every pitch shot with more choices:

Duffed chips are soooooo 2017; make them a thing of the past and keep your pitching connections pure this season:

When someone like Phil Mickelson describes an exercise as 'the foundation of my short-game' you know it has to be good. Add this 3-foot circle putting drill into your warm-up sessions:

Perhaps not as well know as Phil, but Craig's Pace Putting drill has been helping us find out range again after the winter-hiatus.

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