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Simple Putting Tips to Help You Shoot Lower Scores

Is your performance on the greens stopping you from meeting your golfing potential? If so, we've gathered together a number of great putting tips that will help you level-up your play with the short-stick in hand.

Check out these super simple putting tips. You'll be holing more putts, and saving a fistful of strokes, in no time.

Simplify Your Stroke

We came across this video and liked the idea of having a single point that becomes the fulcrum of your putting stroke. It helps iron out the inconsistencies that may exist with other approaches to putting, and, when done correctly, gets you rolling it on your chosen line time and again.

We reckon a number of our Hole19ers could benefit from trying this out the next time they're on the putting green.

Don't Over-Think It

Golfers who are struggling on the putting surface could do worse than attempting to tap into their subconscious a little more. Quite often, it's best to just see the line and commit to rolling the ball on that line. It sounds simple. It is simple.

You'll find it's a far more reliable approach than spending an age getting bogged down in technical thoughts which kill the natural flow of your stroke - and your game.

Master Those Knee-Knockers

There are few more nerve-wracking feelings in golf than when you're standing over a short putt for par. Check out this golf drill from the great Butch Harmon to help you sink those frustrating little three-footers. He encourages you to 'putt with your left ear'.

Level-Up Your Lag Game

Scenario: Your approach to the green has deviated from the flag and now your left facing a tortuous 60-foot arcing putt. Are you confident of getting down in two?

There are times when you'll find the green, but find yourself in a different area code to the flag. This is when your ability to keep three-putts off the card could be the difference between a good day or a regretful trudge back to the 19th Hole.

In the video below, five-time major champion Phil Mickelson explains how having only one variable in your putting stroke can vastly improve your ability to lag it close when you're faced with a lengthy putt.

Practice Before Your Tee-Time

A key to being able to putt more freely on the greens lies in you arriving at the golf course at least half an hour before your tee-time. Use as much of this time as possible sharpening your putting stroke for the round ahead.

We've all heard the saying 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail' and it can be quite neatly applied to putting. If you don't make time to hit the practice green before you tee-off, the golf gods will find some way of making you regret it before you complete the full 18 holes.

Here's an idea for your next pre-round putting practice.

Get a Putter Fitting

It's possible that you've walked past the perfect putter for your own putting stroke the last time you were in your pro shop. It now sits cold, alone and unloved wondering when its time to shine will arrive. You two might never be united unless you have that putter fitting.

If you're 'straight back and through', it's probable that a face-balanced putter should be in your bag. Conversely, if you putt on a bit of an arc, a putter with a bit more toe-hang might suit you better. The best way to get this checked, and to test out a few different putters all at the same time, is (you guessed it) to book a putter fitting.

Find the straight putt

Justin Rose gives you some insights into his putting approach and how he uses both his eyes and feet to get a true green read. He also explains the importance of finding the straight putt to help work out the break your putt will face.


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