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Simple Short Game Tips to Help Lower Your Scores

Most golfers know that a solid short game is the linchpin of great golf. What's more, golfers of all abilities have it within themselves to shoot lower scores if only they dedicated more time to short game practice.

Crushing balls at the range will only take you so far in golf, what's going to get you consistently posting lower scores is working on your pitching, chipping, putting and bunker play. To help you in that particular quest, we've listed some of our favourite short game drills below.

First up, Chris Ryan helps you learn to improve your consistency with both your chipping and pitching, helping to eliminate the dreaded fat shot and to hit your target more often.

If you're a little unsure with your wedges, the long bump and run shot can remove that uncertainty and stop you wasting shots around the greens. Chris shows you how.

When the sandtrap has snared your golf ball on approach to the green, you want to be sure you're getting out every time. Rick Shiels has a few simple tips to help you avoid wasting shots in bunkers.

Improve your distance control to help banish those three-putts with this great lag putting drill from Phil Mickelson.

When you've lagged it close, you're going to need to keep your nerve and send the ball home from close range. Chris Ryan shows you the 3 keys to doing just that.

The flop shot can be a rather more difficult shot to pull off, but if you can play it on-demand then it can get you out of some perilous positions around the green.


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