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6 Of The Best Golf Training Aids (And Christmas Ideas) In 2018

With winter now upon many of us, the likelihood is that we're looking at less time on the golf course and more time spent thinking about the direction of our golf game.

Thankfully there's plenty of training aids on the market which can help you work on getting your game 2019-ready. There are a lot of them though, so to pinpoint some of the best, and to provide some great Christmas gift ideas, we've whittled some of this year's offerings to the following list.

Nelnissa Portable Chipping Net

Perfect for working on your short game in the back garden when the golf course is closed, this chipping net lets you chip away to your heart's content.

If you decide to give it a whirl indoors, it's probably best to use air balls!! Its compact size means that it's easily stored away.

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The Total Golf Trainer Hip helps you work on the correct sequence of the downswing, by ensuring the hips are utilised correctly. So many amateur golfers struggle from incorrect sequence and subsequent loss of posture meaning that they can struggle with inconsistencies in their game.

This nifty training aid can get you clearing your hips at the right time and better placed to hit great golf shots. Right now you can use code h19special to get 20% off.

Impact Bag - Sklz Smash Bag

A smash bag can help you learn the correct feel at impact and provides visual feedback on the quality of your strike.

Fill them with clothes or towels and you can thrash all your worldly cares away. The smash bag can help eliminate fat and thin shots and is good for use at home or on the range.

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Putt Out: Pressure Putt Trainer

Appearing on our list for the second year running, the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer offers reliable feedback on your putts and can help you work on both alignment and power.

Its both stylish and innovative design is still unrivalled. The parabolic incline has an indent half way up which will retain a 'perfect putt'. Good putts are returned to your feet, while poor putts will roll off the side. This is about as good as indoor putting training aids come.

Alignment Sticks

Sometimes the simplest training aids can have the biggest impact on your game. Though perhaps not as exciting as some of the other pieces of equipment on our list, alignment sticks are highly effective all the same.

If you watch Youtube golfing instructional videos, or perhaps if you've had a golf lesson or two, you'll likely have seen golf alignment sticks in use, not least because they can be great training aids for the basics of the golf swing.

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Things like alignment, swing plane and ball position can all be worked on as a correctly positioned alignment stick will provide instant feedback.

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