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Showcase: Six of the Best Putters for 2020

It's very easy to get wrapped up in new driver releases with companies promising further and more accurate bombs down the fairway, but we can all neglect the golf club we use the most - the putter.

It's the golf club that you'll hit - on average - around 35 times a round and can be the difference between posting a good score and going home thinking of what could have been. To help you take a look at options to level-up your play on the greens, check out our list of the best putters for 2020.

Callaway Odyssey Triple Track Putters

When Callaway emblazoned Triple Track sightlines onto their golf balls it seemed a natural progression that they would move to incorporate the same idea over to their putters. The Triple Track tech uses Vernier Hyper Acuity to help with alignment, a key fundamental to good putting.

This provides such a great advantage to the amateur golfer and helps instil confidence over the putt. There are so many Odyssey putters available that utilise this innovative tech and each boast a firmer feel and enhanced sound at impact.

Evnroll ER2B Putter

The Evnroll ER2B putter won the 'most-wanted blade putter' crown earlier this year in MyGolfSpy's annual trawl through the best golf clubs money can buy.

A few years ago the original ER2 putter was released to wide acclaim and this iteration has a stylish blacked-out finish and a Evnroll Gravity Grip. It isn't cheap though - as with many available today - but if it saves you shots on the greens then perhaps it's one for your shortlist.

TaylorMade Truss TB1 Putter

To some golfers blade putters tick the looks box but perhaps don't offer the stability and forgiveness of a mallet putter. The answer to that particular quandary could well be the TaylorMade Truss TB1 short stick.

More of the head is supported by the hosel than traditional bladed putters (there's your extra stability) and this helps the average golfer square the face into impact. The shape is a little different so it might not suit everyone's eye, but what's clear is that it's one of the best putters released for 2020.

Cleveland Frontline Putters

Cleveland Golf perhaps don't have the same Tour appeal as the likes of Ping, TaylorMade and Odyssey in the world of putter design, but they are coming up along the rails at some pace. Their newest putter offering for 2020 - the Cleveland Frontline range - is impressive to say the least.

Heavy tungsten weights towards the heel and toe provide additional stability, better distance control and - ultimately - a more consistent strike. If your goal is to get that ball in the hole more regularly without hurting your wallet too much, a Cleveland Frontline flatstick should be on your radar.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Black

A second appearance on the list for Odyssey and it comes in the shape of the Stroke Lab Black. The range has putters available in a variety of shapes and face-balance configurations. Each model has a PVD finish and boasts a Microhinge Star face insert for a firmer feel and better sound at impact.

Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter

For those of you who like to game a premium short stick, Scotty Cameron's Special Select range for 2020 would be worth a look.

The Newport 2 has the classic design, incredible feel and unbelievable consistency you come to expect from a Scotty. A quote from the man himself: “I’m always inspired by the putters that result from working directly with the best players in the world. With Special Select, I wanted to get back to the pure-milled shapes and faces that I’ve been crafting for tour players for over two decades now. We’ve brought those designs into the modern era with new setups, necks, faces, grips and weights. Every aspect of every putter has been redone. When it all came together, it was pretty special.”


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