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Skillest: JD Coulon Talks Golf Grips

Strong grip? Weak grip? We've all heard those golf terms but not everyone might understand completely the difference between them.

One of our avid Hole19 golfers raised exactly this question to Skillest and the Hole19 team, and, as we always love to hear you, here's JD Coulon, golf coach from Australia, showing and explaining the difference between strong grip, weak grip and neutral grip.

Here's the golf lesson:

You can follow JD on Instagram via @jdcoulongolf and via the Skillest app.

Remember that Hole19 and Skillest are here to bring you the best golf training videos and tips to help you improve your golf game. Also, feel free to let us know if you have any questions, the Skillest team is always happy to provide with the answers to Hole19 golfers!

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