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Skillest: A 3-month journey to game improvement

As we announced last week, we will see what is possible when technology, elite coaching, and a structured plan come together.

Along with Skillest and Hole19, Jay Kelly (PGA Professional & Coach on Skillest App) will take Steve, a 22 handicapper, on a 3-month journey to golf game improvement.
Each week, we will be able to watch a video from Jay and Steve and we'll see the differences over the next 3 months.

In this video, Jay introduces us to this journey and teaches Steve how to hit better shots by preventing him from locking his right leg in the backswing:

Stay tuned with us so you don't miss Jay Kelly's content, you can follow him on Instagram via @jaykellygolfacademy and via the Skillest app.

Watch this swing analysis of Tiger Woods by Skillest founder Baden Schaff:

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