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Skillest: Putting Drills With James Jankowski

We've all heard the saying 'drive for show, putt for dough'; it's all well and good if you can bomb a drive straight down the fairway but what's far more important is to close the deal when you arrive on the green.

If we're going to improve our golf game it's imperative not to neglect the 'short-stick' so as a bit of a 'mini-coaching session' we've got a few videos from putting coach James Jankowski.

James is a specialist putting coach to over 50 professional golfers and more than 500 golfers in 2017. You can, of course, find him on Skillest, a great golf app allowing you to link in with golf coaches around the world.

Regarding the art of putting, James says: "When we look at the best putters in the world, there are certain tendencies that are essential, some that are preferable and others that are merely aesthetics. Let me help you understand these and discover the quickest route to improved putting and lower scores today"

In this first video, James discusses the importance of building your putting set-up around the putter itself:

Here we learn that a mirror can be a great tool in providing feedback on both putting set-up and stroke:

Don't get too technical when it comes to lag putting. James shows us how to be more reactionary when faced with longer putts:

You can follow James on Instagram via @Jamesjankgolf and via the Skillest app.

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