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Solutions to Current Issues with Hole19 for Apple Watch

Dear Hole19 Users,

We apologize for the confusion and various issues that have been present with Hole19 for Apple Watch these last 2 weeks.

The complications with the release of WatchOS 2 have been challenging, but we are confident that we are nearing the end of these issues and are working as hard as possible to get the User Experience on Watch back up to Hole19 standards.

Many users are still experiencing a number of issues. The following lays out the various issues and their solutions, or their status for those still unresolved. We will continue to update this post until all issues are completely resolved.

Thank you for your patience, feedback, and continued support of Hole19.

Team Hole19

Problem 1: I don't see Hole19 on Apple Watch nor do I see it in the Apple Watch App on my iPhone

If Hole19 is not even appearing in Apple Watch App on iPhone, then you probably have yet to download WatchOS 2. Please do so and then proceed to the steps in the next section.

Problem 2: Hole19 is listed in my Apple Watch App on iPhone, but I don't see Hole19 on Apple Watch

Please follow these steps:

  • Open the Apple Watch App in iPhone
  • Scroll and select Hole19
  • Deactivate Hole19 from Apple Watch
  • Restart iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Go back into Apple Watch App on iPhone
  • Select Hole19 and re-activate App to Watch
  • Hole19 should sync to Apple Watch (can take up to 10 minutes)

Problem 3: I have WatchOS 2 and have Hole19 on my Apple Watch. But GPS distances on Watch are not updating (Watch just shows full scorecard distance)

Please download the latest version of Hole19 (v3.0.2) from the App Store. This should include a fix for this GPS update issue.

Problem 4: I have passed all previous steps, but still experience an issue where the Watch screen freezes with the circular 'Loader' icon

We are receiving reports that some users who have Hole19 version 3.0.2 still experience an issue while on the course where the Watch screen freezes with the 'Loader' icon in the middle. We are currently working on a solution for this with the intention of delivering an updated, fully fixed version as soon as possible.

Other Problems

If you have downloaded Hole19 version 3.0.2 and thereafter had the opportunity to test Hole19 for Apple Watch on the course, and are still experiencing issues other than those mentioned here, please email us at Please detail the issue you experience and specify that you were running version 3.0.2.


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