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SpeedStix - Swing Speed trainer

SpeedStix are a set of three weights and an adapter to fit on to your driver or fairway wood shaft, turning your club into a set of speed sticks, perfectly fitted to you.

OverSpeed Training with SpeedStix resets the normal reaction speed of a learned motor pattern (your current swing) to something faster (your new swing). This occurs in our system when we reduce the weight and increase the aerodynamics of the golf club, therefore allowing the player to create a faster than normal golf swing. Training with the SpeedStix system you can increase your club head speed by over 10 mph....that equates to 27 yards of extra carry.

We also provide an app, created by a Performance Coach and TPI Certified Trainer, for you to address any limitations in strength, power or mobility you may have.

Longer drives, shorter irons into greens, hitting it closer to the hole all means more birdie opportunities, more pars and fewer dropped shots.

Time to upgrade your swing to a super speed golf swing!

Phil Mickelson became the oldest major champion at an extremely long and tough golf course. He also hit the longest drive of the week and was 15th in driving distance. He has managed to keep up with the young guns through overspeed training with speed sticks.

It has been proven that the age old adage of “Drive for show, putt for dough” is the wrong way around. Golfers, especially recreational golfers, shoot lower scores by improving their driving distance rather than their putting.

The stats don’t lie, for a 20 yard increase in driving distance, a golfer’s score will improve by an average of 2.3 strokes per round.

We guarantee that our SpeedStix system will increase your clubhead speed and you’ll hit longer drives and shoot lower scores.

Along wth your set of SpeedStix, you also get the SpeedStix app for your smartphone or tablet so you can start your journey to swinging faster, hitting it further and scoring better than ever before. Out now on iOS and coming soon to Android!

App sections:

How to set up the SpeedStix system.

Warm-up and prime your body properly for golf & training.

Work through our physical tests to identify your weaknesses.

Learn how to correct your individual limitations identified within the tests.

From the comfort of your home, and with optional gym based training (coming soon) learn and then strengthen the three main areas responsible for a strong golfing body.

Learn how to use a combination of explosive jumps and throws to train your central nervous system to move faster at the key moves associated with high speed golf swings. All from the comfort of your home.

We’ll take you through our speed progression programme which will transfer directly into swinging your clubs faster.

Use our included training guides and planner to train effectively and efficiently (available on our website).

Trackman Combine findings

“Golf critics talk about technology making golf courses obsolete because of distance, but what they fail to clarify is that this only pertains to 0.1% of the golfing population. In truth, the vast majority of golfers are playing from tees that are too long based on their club speed and skill level.

If golfers are to continue playing the same length tees, then optimizing their driver distance is going to be key to enhancing their performance.

Because of the trends and correlations found in the TrackMan Combine data, it is possible to calculate the proximity to the hole for nearly any handicap or approach distance with high confidence.”

By increasing your club head speed by 10mph, you can increase your driver carry distance by 27 yards.

Distance to target reductions from hitting your drive 30 yards further:

Yards left to pin: 224 -> 195 = 43’ closer
Yards left to pin: 202 -> 173 = 37’ closer
Yards left to pin: 184 -> 155 = 31’ closer
Yards left to pin: 165 -> 136 = 25’ closer
Yards left to pin: 102 -> 73 = 7’ closer

That means more greens hit, and more legitimate birdie putts.


The impact of driving distance and accuracy on scores: For a 20 yard increase in driving distance, a typical 100-golfer’s score will decrease by an average of 2.3 strokes per round. In comparison, for a one-degree improvement in accuracy a typical 100-golfer’s score will decrease by an average of 1 stroke per round. Therefore, extra driving distance is worth more to high scoring golfers than low scoring golfers.

The results below are based on a simulation analysis in a 2013 Columbia Business School working paper by Broadie and Ko:

Strokes per 20 yards:
PGA Tour - 0.8; 80s - 1.3; 90s - 1.6; 100s - 2.3

Strokes per degree:
PGA Tour - 0.8; 80s - 0.9; 90s - 0.9; 100s - 1.0

The results are there to see. To score better, prioritise hitting it farther…

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