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Stop the slice - drive the ball straighter

We've taken a look at the collective performance stats of our favourite people (Hole19 App users) and we discovered that more than x% of their tee shots seemed to end up right of the intended target.

'How far right', we can't say for sure. But right is right...right?

So here are a few tips to help you to stop the slice and hit the ball straighter off the tee:

Hit the ball 'on the way up', keep your body behind the ball to avoid the out to in swing path and hitting across the ball...

Rick Shiels talks about fixing the face relationship to the golf ball. He's got a quick grip check and fix that could eliminate that slice/ unwanted fade...

Here are 3 backswing changes you could make to reduce the chances of you sending the ball right...

Hank Haney has a super simple clockwise swing motion drill that's going to train you to keep the club on the right plain...

Here's a great way you can use a couple of water bottles to improve your drivers swing path and eliminate the out to in path...

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