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Super Simple Bunker Tips to Escape Every Time

Hitting a bunker shot is not easy to master, and that's why you'll do everything you can on the golf course to avoid them. They needn't be so scary, though. If you can dedicate enough of your golf practice to your work in the sand, your scores will come down.

To help level-up your bunker play, we've listed some of our favourite videos which cover bunker basics, as well as the most tricky situations you may be faced with in a sandtrap on the golf course. First up, top golf coach and friend of Hole19 Eric Cogorno gives his three keys to get out of bunkers every time.

Three Keys to Get Out Every Time

Eric discusses key set-up pieces, as well as backswing and downswing thoughts to ensure you're at least getting out of the sand in one stroke every time.

Playing From Wet Sand

How should you alter your bunker swing when you're playing from wet sand? By neutralising your stance and hand position you'll find a much-needed shallower entry into the sand. Check out this tip from the guys at Callaway Golf.

The Dreaded 'Fried Egg'

Given that many pro golfers fear this lie more than most, it's clear to see that hitting a plugged ball from the sand is difficult to execute. Luckily, the boys at MeAndMyGolf have a few tips for you to employ in set-up, and in the swing itself, to promote the required steep angle of attack.

The Hardest Shot in Golf?

There's no getting away from it, the 40-yard bunker shot is just a hard golf shot. Reigning Open champion Shane Lowry discusses the high-tariff approach that better players can tackle, and a more conservative approach for higher-handicappers.

The Downhill Lie

Playing from a downhill lie in a bunker is no fun either, but golf pro Aimee Cho makes it as simple as possible for us. She explains the need for an exaggerated open face and a 'scooping' motion to add further loft through the swing.

Top-5 Tips From The World's Best

To finish our list, some of the bunkers players in the game today provide their own top tips to help you escape every time. Sergio Garcia, Matt Fitzpatrick, Lee Westwood, Andy Sullivan and Jon Rahm all know their stuff.  


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