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Tee and TAN

TAP and Hole19 have joined forces to provide a unique experience for golfers


Portugal has achieved the leading golf destination prize for the last 5 years. There are multiple factors contributing to this accolade and one that cannot be ignored is one developed by leading Portuguese airline company, TAP.

TAP has been providing golfers around the world with a superb flying experience, which has accordingly contributed to the improved golfing experiences throughout Portugal. This is partially down to the increased direct routes and connections to Portugal. Additionally, Portugal Stopover has made visiting Portugal more accessible and attractive to golfers worldwide. The TAP’s Stopover programme consists of discounts and perks for travellers stopping in Lisbon or Porto before heading to their final destination (TAP’s Stopover programme).

Now, together with Hole19, TAP is taking the golfing experience in Portugal to a whole new level with online booking discounts for selected golf courses, discounts with partners and free transport of a golf bag on TAP flights for Hole19 users.

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