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Test Driving The Golf Sport Magazine


“You have exquisite taste.

Your style is refined.
Your game is not limited to the course.
That’s why you read The Golf Sport.”

After reading the latest <a href="" target="_blank" ">October/November issue of <a href="" target="_blank" "> The Golf Sport Magazine, I think their poetic self-description sums it up pretty well.

With The Golf Sport, one quickly notes the stark contrast to other golf magazines in publication. There are no selfies and no swing instruction sequences. You’re more likely to find content from C.S. Lewis or Raymond Carver than Hank Haney or Bubba Watson.

Actually, it seems The Golf Sport is not merely differentiated within the golf magazine segment. Rather, it seems to use golf as a portal to ‘good taste’ lifestyle themes like art, fashion, history, and literature. On the spectrum of magazine genres, The Golf Sport falls far closer to The New Yorker than Golf Digest.

And I sure enjoyed the ride. From Steve McQueen’s early life and lasting image in pop culture, to the essentials of beer-making, to the reinvention of the Killeen Castle property in Ireland, to the iPhone gramophone, to the luxury RV resembling a private condo, The Golf Sport offers interesting and varied content.

The Golf Sport is adventurous, but my favorite thing about it is that it simultaneously appeals as a great visual magazine and a good read, so you can enjoyably consume it if you have 5 minutes or 50. It comes highly recommended.

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