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The PGA Show 2017 - Our favourite bits!

Last week we had the opportunity to mix among some of the golf industry's best, brightest and brilliant at the PGA show.

Held in Orlando, the 3-day annual event is an all-you-can-eat golf merchandise feast; featuring the likes of TaylorMade, Callaway, Pro Tracer and many more besides.

Here's a look at some of our top spots from this year's show:

The Robo Golf Pro stand

The name immediately sparked our interest and when we arrived we weren't disappointed:

The Robo Golf Pro allows golfers to 'feel' their ideal swing by taking you, literally by the hand, through a perfectly planed swing. What used to take hours and hours on the driving range can now be passed on in moments.

These guys reckon they can take a beginner and have them scoring in the eighties within a year...we'd love to see someone challenge them!

The 'Epic' Callaway Gold stand

Callaway made their stand pretty hard to miss this year. Suspending a giant version of your latest driver above your stand will do that:

We spent some time wandering around their patch and it was fantastic experience. Impressive equipment, practise areas and attentive staff made it a popular stop on the 'tour'.

Great Scot-ty Cameron
This stand was to putter-enthusiasts what Wonka's Chocolate Factory would be for any sweet-toothed 8 year old.

Packed with just about every rendition of Scotty you could want to get hold of, as well as technical drawings and detailed 'making of' videos, we could've spent hours there (and we're pretty sure some did!)

The impressive assortment of unique, brightly colored head covers was also a real crowd pleaser. See any you like the look of?

The 'Big' Tiger announcement Ok, so it probably wasn't the best kep secret that golf (or anything else for that matter) has ever known. But it was great to be there 'in the thick of it' when the announcement was finally made.

Here it is, complete with drumroll:

On day one of the show, TaylorMade announced that they had signed Tiger Wood's and he would be using their driver and irons this season. Exciting stuff! And with Tiger due to tee-off the very next day the timing was perfect!

Unfortunately, Tiger's tournament ended about the same time as the show.

What a show!!

Being there really gives you an appreciation for the awesome scale and pace of innovation that's going on within golf. The number of boundaries that are being pushed to make the game even greater. We're proud and inspired to be a part of it.

Bring on next year!


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