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The Shot Documentary: Can one golfer qualify for The Open and win £100k under the guidance of PGA Tour player, Scott Stallings

After months of intense training, thrilling golfing highs and gruelling workouts under the guidance of PGA Tour player Scott Stallings, the journeys of four inspiring amateur golfers is available to on Hole19’s YouTube channel.

Hole19’s highly anticipated three-part social docuseries, The Shot, provides an unprecedented inside look into what it takes at all levels to improve your game. Filmed over six months in partnership with HWPO, Mobility Pro, Callaway and adidas, The Shot follows the relentless quest of scratch golfer Joe Viner to qualify for The Open and unlock a life-changing £100k prize.

It also features three other amateurs – Kelly McNulty (HCP 3), Charlie Whitfield (HCP 5) and Lewis Fisher (HCP 20) – as they compete in a dramatic cash game at the birthplace of The Open, Prestwick Golf Club.

Viewers will witness the transformative training and tools available to help these golfers improve and compete using Hole19, Mobility Pro and HWPO. All were coached and mentored directly by 3-time Tour winner Scott Stallings. We hear directly from Stallings on why conditioning and flexibility are integral to his own game and helping him perform under pressure on the PGA Tour week after week. With a glimpse into his training program from his gym in Dallas, Texas.

“No one can say, I’m too fit to play golf, that’s just not a thing” - Scott Stallings

Faced with new pressures and opportunities, gripping stories unfold as Joe attempts to go from an amateur to qualifying for golf’s oldest major and a chance of a lifetime. Through Scott's training, Kelly, Charlie and Lewis push themselves to new limits before putting it all on the line at a typical links golf finale at Prestwick, with a cash prize up for grabs.

Equal parts inspiring and exhilarating, The Shot offers unprecedented access into the real human journeys behind improvement and amateur competition. With everything on the line, these amateurs put it all out there in pursuit of improving the game we all love.

Origins: One Amateur's Golfing Journey Begins Towards The Open Qualification

Toil: Scott Stallings Training Regime in Dallas

Trial: The Open Qualifier and Prestwick Cash Game


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