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Explore Costa del Sol (Explorer's guide)

Holidays are precious. We all want to be sure we are making the absolute most out of them that we possibly can; but when you're heading to an area which has as much to offer as the Costa del Sol and Málaga region, the challenge becomes fitting it all in!

Ok, so as far as 'problems' go it ranks up there with having too many ice cream flavours to choose from. But still.

Here's what the team at Hole19 would recommend you don't miss during a visit...

Golf, golf and more golf

Costa del Sol golf courses

With the widest choice of golf courses per square meter than any other place in Europe, you can't walk more than a couple of kilometres without coming across a tee-box.

Now we'd happily play from dawn till dusk, but we appreciate that this may not always be a practical solution for everyone. So we've put together a list of golf courses in Costa del Sol (including a 360º view of the courses as well as Hole19 golfer ratings) to help you make the decision on the best spots for you.

Slip and slide
Costa del Sol has a number of top class water parks which are fun for kids and 'big kids' alike. They're a great way to get the family active for a day even if the temperatures are particularly warm.

Sound like your kind of thing? Take a look at this blog from Visita Costa de Sol for information on the best waterparks on offer.

Taste the tradition

Costa del Sol Food

The Malaga region is well known for a number of delicious traditional treats. Whilst there are a lot of more familiar options available, including well-known fast-food joints, it is well worth taking the time to discover and explore some of the local eateries and foods on offer.

Here are some of the tastiest local products and dishes you could enjoy during your break.

Also, don't forget to try tapas, IT'S A MUST. Take a look at the best places to go for tapas in Costa del Sol.

Shop till you drop
Whether you're on the hunt for a bargain or the perfect holiday memento, you'll certainly find something to your liking at one of the Costa del Sol's many outdoor markets.

With a whole host of shopping tastes catered for, from the handmade through to chic and vintage, it's little wonder that the market scene is so popular with visitors to the area.

For more information on when and where you can find these places, take a look at this guide to markets in the Costa del Sol.

Hit the beach

Costa del Sol

No trip to the sunny Costa del Sol would be complete without a visit to one of its many beautiful beaches. The areas almost all-year-round warm temperatures make it a haven for sun-seeking beach loungers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

Check out these 5 beaches to get lost in Costa del Sol.

Take a walk on the wild side

Costa del Sol

If you have the time to explore, there are some areas of absolutely stunning natural beauty to be discovered in and around the Costa del Sol.

Within these areas you have the choice of a wide range of adventure activities, or to just simply relax and enjoy the scenery on a leisurely hike.

Here are three areas that any nature lover is sure to want to visit.

Love camping and looking for family holidays? Then take a look at the best campsites to enjoy with your family at Costa del Sol.

Of course, there's plenty to do besides our suggestions here. If you're looking for even more ideas take a look at the Visita Costa del Sol blog and website, which is actionpacked with even more great suggestions.