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Thursday is #LaunchDay: Hole19 Blog and App are live!


To the few of you reading this day-and-week-of, and hopefully many more of you who stumble upon this in the future, welcome to the official blog of Hole19 Golf.

We’ve launched this blog in tandem with The 2014 Masters Tournament, the unofficial start of golf season for the majority of the Northern Hemisphere. And more importantly, we’ve hatched the blog in tandem with today’s launch of our Hole19 Golf GPS app. It’s available Now, Free, on App Store. We’re very proud of it and invite you to check it out.

So this app...what’s it all about?

Design is our top priority. We are 100% focused on creating a clean and simple user experience. We think this is essential to allow the app to fit seamlessly into your round.

What’s the app for?

2 things: To enhance your on-course golf experience and improve your game.

Whether it’s through accurate distances at the snap of your finger, visual imagery to help you strategize how to play a hole, or Shot Tracking to discover your actual on-course distances, there are several ways Hole19 can help you.

But the word “several” here doesn’t imply complication: there are no ads, no extraneous features, minimal learning curve, and on top of it all, a commitment to customer service. That’s what we’re all about.


And the blog? Why have it and what’s its theme?

The blog’s content strategy is still taking shape, but one thing you can definitely expect is data-driven golf insights. The most fun part about golf is playing shots, which is about feel, visualization, and reaction, not data.

Non-data themes will also be part of the blog, but the data can play a key role as a guidepost. It can point you in the direction of how to focus your practice. It can help you set goals. It can help you make better playing decisions. There are tons of insights to tap into, insights that can help you improve, and it’s that mentality with which we’re writing.

The only criteria are useful, interesting, and funny. A piece has to hit one of those 3. That’s the standard. Ultimately, the goal is quality content, which in turn creates engagement with our users.

Keep in mind, we’re building the app for you. We want you to enjoy it, we you to find it useful, and we want you to tell us if/when/how it can be better.

The same goes for the blog. If you want to contribute something, feel free to reach out. Share your experiences. Are you getting better? We want a 2-way dialogue.

Now, enjoy the Masters, download Hole19, and enjoy playing golf with it.

-- Robert Stewart (@Stewza3)


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