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Through-The-Bag Golf Tips from PGA Champion Phil Mickelson

What a fantastic spectacle the 103rd PGA Championship turned out to be. Eventual champion Phil Mickelson played out of his skin and, at the age of 50, became the oldest major champion in the history of the game.

Rather than running through the standard pre-tournament takeaways, we thought our golfers might like to benefit from some of the 2021 PGA Champion's wisdom when it comes to the golf swing.

Check out some of Lefty's general advice and top tips to help improve different parts of your own game.

Phil Hits BOMBS. You Can Too!

While the 2021 PGA Champion is world-renowned for his short game wizardry, he's also a big fan of HITTING BOMBS!! Below he trades the secrets of hitting monster drives - and avoiding injury - with world long drive champion Kyle Berkshire.

Learn to Shape Your Irons

As golfers, we can all 'shape' the golf ball unintentionally (a nod to the slicers and hookers amongst us), but how cool would it be if you could hit every shape on demand. Check out the main man's explanation below.

The Dreaded 50-Yard Shot

Many golfers struggle from 50 yards out because it's not a shot we often practice and generally requires a degree of finesse. Below, Phil explains the importance of a short backswing and acceleration through the ball.

Chipping 101

The six-time major champion is one of the game's finest short-game exponents. The video below lists three fundamentals of chipping - weight forward, hands forward, and the need to decide between a high or low trajectory.

How to Assess a Bunker Shot

Too many shots are wasted in the sand, and quite a lot of the mistakes we make as amateur golfers can be routed back to a poor assessment of the lie. Below, Phil explains how to tackle each and highlights the absolute key to bunker play - acceleration through the sand.

3-Foot Putting Drill

We've all struggled from time to time with those pesky, knee-knocking three-foot putts. They're putts we all feel we should make, but unless you practice them regularly, you'll miss more than you should. Check out Phil's go-to drill below.


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