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Improve Your Golf Fitness for the 2022 Golf Season

If you want to make the most of your 2022 golf season and work towards improving your game, now is the time to think of ways to maintain and build your golf fitness.

With that in mind, we've gathered together some of our favourite fitness drills with each having a positive impact on your golf swing overall, as well as an additional injury prevention benefit.

Add these drills to your necessary golf practice and you'll be in great shape to smash your 2022 goals.

Rotation exercise drills

Having an ability to rotate correctly will help your golf swing. If you can efficiently use your legs, core and shoulders to coil in the backswing, and uncoil in your downswing, you'll gain both consistency of strike and overall distance.

The video below highlights a great set of rotational golf exercises to add to your golf fitness regime.

Balance exercise drills

As golfers, we know that balance is one of the key requirements of a proficient golf swing. Without good balance, the likelihood is that we will struggle to hit crisp golf shots and compromise both distance and accuracy.

The video below highlights three simple drills you can either do at the gym or at home to help you work towards a more balanced golf swing.

Power and speed exercise drills

Every one of us would love to hit the ball farther from the tee, right? If you can hit longer drives, you'll likely face shorter approach shots, so the following drills are all centred around adding power and speed to your golf swing.

While there are technical ways you can change your swing to gain distance, the video below focuses more on the exercises you can do before each round (and ideally daily) to add to your power and speed over time.

Simple drills for over 50s

Many of us will start to lose mobility at some point along our golf journey. As we get older, after pounding the fairways for many a year, we may begin to feel some golf swing limitations.

While Old Father Time may start to put a few hurdles in the way, you can still play great golf. These exercise drills below are a great way to get your body moving better, leading to a more balanced, powerful and consistent swing on the golf course.

Pre-round workout

Do you have a settled warm-up before each of your golf rounds? If you do, your approach likely isn't as thorough as Mike Malaska's ideal workout below. It's one even Miguel Ángel Jiménez would be proud of!

The key takeaway is that you shouldn't start hitting golf balls at the range until you have correctly warmed up. You'll be more loose, hit better shots and be less likely to injure yourself throughout the round.

Bonus: The pro's workout

This one comes with a 'Don't Try This at Home' message (unless you're super fit), but it's interesting to get a snapshot of how much of an all-body work out Rory McIlroy goes through to maintain his golf fitness.


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