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TittleX Micro Home Simulator Review

Home Simulators are every golfer's dream of owning, but most come with massive price tags and require large amounts of space. Well, now you can own one without the hefty pricetag, thanks to TittleX.

TittleX allows a New Way to Play. Their Micro home simulator retails at just $199 that includes a micro sensor as well as a practise stick - perfect if space is limited.

We were very sceptical about the TittleX micro simulator when we came across the brand but at less than $200 we were willing to take a punt and put it through its paces and see if it can live up to the bold claims.

We went for the Stick package which comes with a micro sensor, an expandable golf club (stick) and a code to sign up to E6 connect. All looked very premium and very well made, and after downloading the app and creating a login - we were ready to go. Yes, it really is that simple. We connected ours to an iPad, but it is just as easy to connect to your phone, on laptop and you can even put through your TV to make the most of the graphics.

Like many other simulators you have numerous game formats: Play Golf, Practise and Games and within each of these there are many more formats to choose, such as 18 holes at Aviara or Longest Drive, Nearest the Pin or just standard practise. You can play on some of the best courses including Aviara, Bandon Dunes Golf Club and Stone Canyon to name a few.

The only main difference with other simulators is that you don’t actually hit any balls; it is all judged from your swing with the practise stick or from a swing with your own club. You are able to look more closely at your stats and even replay your shots, all in 4k graphics. You will get feedback such as Total Distance, Carry Distance, Club Speed, Back Spin, Side Spin, Swing Tempo, Club Face and a Swing Score (out of 100)

We honestly can’t praise the TittleX Micro simulator enough! The quality of the products, game play and features are absolutely fantastic and all for such an affordable price too!

The Final Word:

This is the BEST micro golf simulator on the market we have seen and at a fraction of the cost. tittleX delivers when it comes to providing a home golf simulator. Easily attachable to your own clubs or for use with the Swing Stick, you will be able to practise anywhere. With a variety of game modes it will appeal to a wide range of golfers, perfect for those late night sessions or when you are having your friends over. The gameplay and graphics are stunning. A must have product for every golfer's home. - Better yet - you will get 10% off with code FORYOUHOLE19.

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