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Podcast: Tom Henze, Dagwood Golf (part 1)

St. Andrews

Their fantastic photo blog couldn't be more aptly titled: The Soul of Golf. That pretty much says it all.

In the golf apparel world dominated by a few public megabrands, Tom Henze sees an opportunity to create and offer high quality, stylish products that serve to enrich one's golf experience. Hence Dagwood Golf, the young brand out of Berlin started by he and his wife, Anielle Crisanto.

Listen in to part 1 of our podcast with Tom, where he discusses the philosophy behind Dagwood, his vision for the company, and how it fits well into a changing golf industry:

Table of Contents##

What is Dagwood Golf? 0:32
How the big golf brands are lacking 2:29
Dagwood products base materials and functionality 4:05
The challenge of selling Dagwood in golf course pro shops 6:59
The importance of quality in the changing golf industry 10:15
Tom's vision for Dagwood 15:05


"For me, a good product is not a product that has its most beautiful day in the first day you see it in the shop, but something that grows with you, becomes your own, and, if you take care of it, gets more beautiful with time" (3:39 mark)

"These days, [golf] products look as if they were all made in the same factory, and lack a traceable, understandable product history" (6:21 mark)

"If you want to bring new people to the sport, I think its important to give them a great experience- something that is beyond what they can find anywhere" (12:12 mark)

Coming Up Next...##

Check out Dagwood's remarkable curation and style on the various social networks. A highly recommended first stop would be their Pinterest account.

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Part 2 coming soon!

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