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7 Top Wedge Play/Chipping Tips

The short-game, arguably the area of golf in which true wizardry can be shown. We've all marvelled at Mickelson or been stunned by Sergio as they manage to maneuver the ball as if it's controlled by a remote.

Of course, it all comes down to practise time...but this is often hard to come by. So we thought we'd put together a list of top wedge play tips you can put into practice when you...practice.

Here are a few of the top wedge play tips we're putting into practice to help us sharpen up our skills:

A flop shot lesson from the master himself

Mastering backspin

Peter Finch talks consistency

Make the fluff from the rough a thing of the past

Spinning and stopping your chip shots

A quick and easy one to hit a low spinning chip shot

The bump and run

We just had to share this last video, we think it's possibly THE greatest chip of all time...what do you think?

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