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Top Tips to Flush Your Irons Every Time

There are few more satisfying feelings in golf than flushing a long iron perfectly and watching it sail unerringly towards the green. No matter how your round has been going, it's simply beautiful to feel and watch.

To help you experience that feeling a little more often, we've been sifting through countless videos to bring you some of the best golf tips to help you pure your irons.

Nail Your Set-Up

It makes sense for us to start at the beginning and how you should be positioned over the golf ball. Chris Ryan believes you should have a tiny amount of extra pressure on the lead side and a slight tilt in the shoulders. Check out his video below.

Maintain Good Posture

It's very easy to lose posture as you move through the backswing and into the downswing. Very few good golf shots are possible if you don't maintain your angles.

You could try the feeling of keeping your glutes up against an imaginary wall throughout your swing, or perhaps feel that your head is pressing against a wall at the front. Check out the video below for more.

Don't Neglect Your Takeaway

Taking the golf club away for that initial 18 inches in a motion that's connected with your body is one of the most critical moves in golf. It's also one of the easiest to get all wrong.

Sir Nick Faldo helps you below with a drill to get everything working together early on.

Engage the Torso

You need to maintain that relationship between the club and your body motion throughout the rest of your backswing. In the video below, the boys from MeAndMyGolf help you keep your torso engaged in the entire backswing to neutralise the position of the clubface as you reach the top.

Feel the Clubhead

It's important that you develop an ability to feel where the clubhead is at different points in your golf swing, but particularly at impact.

Danny Maude takes inspiration from an old Tiger Woods quote to show you how to become more aware of the club head and strike the golf ball out of the centre of the face with your irons.

Gain Depth & Turn

Top golf coach (and friend of Hole19) Eric Cogorno explains the importance of maintaining depth and maximising rotation with the lower body as you move into impact.

A good feel to achieve both of these desirable characteristics is that, if the target is 12 o'clock, your belt buckle and hips push towards 11 o'clock in the downswing.

Take a Divot After the Ball

If you're hitting your irons inconsistently, it's possible that the main thing missing from your iron play is an ability to take a divot after the ball. The guys from MeAndMyGolf have a great drill below to help shift the bottom of the arc of your swing and interact with the ground beyond the ball.


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