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Wondering how far you bombed that last drive? The Distance Tracker makes it easy for you to find out exactly how far you hit the golf ball. It's the ideal way to measure any long drive competition!

We have highlighted some key areas where the feature can be useful on the golf course, keep reading below...

Distance Tracker - Premium Feature

1. Long Drive Competition

Ever wanted to prove to your friends that you are the longest with the big stick?

Add a little more competition to your weekly round with the Hole19 Distance Tracking feature.

It is often a sensitive topic amongst golfers and a subject that is regularly up for debate, until now! If you want reliable measurements to support your case as the longest hitter, Hole19 has the solution for you. Our Distance Tracking feature makes it easy to find out exactly how far you hit the golf ball.

Distance Tracker - Premium Feature

It is now easier than ever to challenge your playing partners to a long drive competition.

Tee it up, let it rip and track your distance with the Hole19 Distance Tracker.

2. Equipment Review

With the vast amount of golfing equipment available to golfers in 2018, it can become blurred as to whether or not equipment upgrades are actually assisting game improvement, specifically distance off the tee.

What is more annoying than buying a new club to then realise that you prefer your old one?

We as golfers, often assume that our new equipment is superior to our old equipment, however, when have any of you actually tested your old driver against your latest driver?

Distance Tracker - Premium Feature

Golfers are always trying to gain more distance from the tee, due to the professional game; we want to replicate smashing drives 300+yards, although this is an optimistic dream for most of us. It is the driver, which golfers often lean towards when searching for this.

If it is distance that you are looking for, then Hole19 has the perfect tool to allow you to validate your purchases, restoring faith that your new driver actually works!

Using the Hole19 Distance Tracker, you will be able to realise the distances that your new driver is producing, allowing you to track your distances from the tee box with ease.

3. Nearest the pin competition

The Hole19 distance tracker will provide users with a definitive decision when playing a nearest the pin competition with your friends.

Distance Tracker - Premium Feature

There is no need to worry about who is closest when you have our distance tracking feature.

4. Hit the Ball Further

With the help of the Skillest videos below, Hole19 Challenges you all to increase your distance with the big stick! Why not set yourself distance goals and with time and practice, you could be hitting the ball further! Embrace your inner DJ!

Phil also brings you a distance control tutorial from close range, he suggests that adopting a shallow swing will help you achieve greater control with your wedges.

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