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The 'Rule of 5' & Using Hole19 Stats to Improve

We love getting feedback from our golfers.

Something they often mention is how useful the Performance Section stats are in helping them improve their game.

So, we thought we would put together a few useful tips on getting the most from your performance stats.

1) The Rule of 5

Play 5 Rounds for Optiumum Insight

This is a nice easy one. We find that golfers who play 5 rounds or more tend to get more from their data than those that play fewer rounds.

5 rounds is kind of a sweet-spot. Once you hit this mark, there's enough information for you to make really reliable decisions about how to improve.

2) Use the stats to inform your practice

We've all been there. You get to the driving range, grab the 'big stick' out of the bag, and proceed to blast those balls into the horizon.

50-balls later, your done. But have you really made progress?? Use your performance stats to help you decide what you need to work on.

Your Golf Stats on Hole19

Struggling with recovery shots? Stick to the wedges. Putting average a little-high? Hit the putting-green. You can get even more insight and stats with Hole19 Premium.

3) A coaches best friend

Use Hole19 to support your coaching sessions

Hole19 isn't just a great tool for you, it's an awesome way for your coach to understand more about your game. We have a former coach, Carlos, working with us who says as much:

"Using Hole19, my students and I were able to pinpoint areas that needed work, making our sessions together so much more productive. Students using an app like Hole19 tended to improve faster over fewer lessons with me."

Armed with your performance stats, you and your coach will not only be able to see what needs work on, you'll be able to track how your lessons are helping you improve.

4) Understand every club in your bag

Understand every club

If you go Premium you'll be able to track your performance across every club in your bag. This will help you identify which clubs are your best friend and which perhaps need a little bit of practice time.

This is great for course management and round strategy too; if you know you aren't that great with a 4-iron of the deck, don't put yourself in a situation where you need to use it.

Need more information on how to use Hole19? Check out our FAQ section.


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