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Voraus Golf Through Touch Glove Review

Voraus Golf is the brainchild of Alexander Bush, an avid golfer and a 90’s child, he saw the mass disconnect between the rich history of golf and the emergence of golfing technology. A frequent user of shot tracking and GPS apps on the course, Alex grew increasingly frustrated at having to take off his glove every time he wanted to use his smartphone for those all important distances. After hours of research, testing and development the Voraus Golf Through Touch glove was born.

The Through Touch Glove is a first of its kind glove that enables golfers to use their smartphones/watches whilst still using their glove. We at Hole19 have been longing for a brand to bring out a glove that enables our users to still wear their glove whilst engaging with our app.


The Through Touch glove brings a whole host of technology to the forefront to produce a quality glove. Firstly, there is the Through Touch conductive material on the tip of the index finger and the thumb, giving golfers the ability to utilise smart gadgets. Voraus use 100% AAA premium cabretta leather to ensure excellent comfort and grip. Tactically placed lycra mesh to provide breathability and the iconic design. An interior wrist sweatband with elastic to provide a tight but comfy fit and a reinforced strap featuring the Voraus logo.

On course testing:

Both black and white versions look and feel premium with a few standout design features. Each glove comes individually boxed. The cabretta leather is as soft as you would expect from a premium golf glove, meaning you get extreme comfort and it provides you with great grip, perfect for any condition. The Through Touch feature is fantastic and makes using a smartphone seamless and because of the softness of the leather the feeling and responsiveness from the smartphone is like using your own finger.


The Voraus Golf Through Touch glove is a revolution that works perfectly for you when using Hole19 on the course. Not only do you get the functionality to use your phone on the course to check your distances, make calls or send messages, you also get a high quality cabretta leather glove that provides incredible grip and comfort. A must have for Hole19 golfers.

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