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5 Winter Golf Shots You Need in Your Locker

The three months of winter can be peppered with pretty shocking weather conditions, and this can put a lot of pressure on your golf game.

Unless you're lucky enough to live in a part of the world with beautiful weather most of the year round, you'll need to tweak your approach and have specific golf shots in your locker to keep big numbers off your scorecard.

Following on from last week's collection of Essential Winter Golf Survival Tips, below we list five separate golf shots which will help you play to your potential in the depths of winter.

The Low Punch Shot

First up, Chris Ryan helps you gain a general understanding of how to keep the ball low when playing in those bitingly cold winter winds.

Iron Shots on Wet Fairways

As we all know to our detriment, wet fairways can be extremely unforgiving. If your club bottoms out even a tiny fraction before the ball, you'll be hitting chunks all day long.

Thankfully, the boys from MeAndMyGolf have a few golf swing tweaks below to help you flush your irons on soggy fairways.

Chip shots from muddy lies

Here's a simple winter golf observation that we can probably all agree on... muddy lies suck!

We rarely (if ever) need to worry about them during the majority of the year; however, they're an unavoidable annoyance in winter. So, how do we deal with them?

Over to James Robinson this time for a few different ideas to help you hit it close when your ball has nestled down in a nasty, sticky lie

Wet bunker shot

Wet sand can strike fear into the hearts of golfers of all abilities, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Below, Danny Maude explains what you need to know about bunker play in general, and the only real change required to escape wet, compacted sand.

Hole those knee-knockers

If you've managed to hold your game together and can happily find the green with limited damage to your scorecard, your ability to hole out from close range will be the real difference maker.

It's just as important (possibly more so) to nail those pesky short putts during winter.

Chris Ryan gives you the lowdown on how to sink more knee-knockers below.

If you can learn to play these shots on demand during your winter rounds, you can undeniably play good golf and score well.

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Happy winter golfing!!


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