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Winter/Off-season Golf Practice Tips & Exercise Ideas

A number of our Hole19 golfers are well into their winter off-season. Being the active bunch that you are though, hibernating seems to be the last thing on your mind.

We've had a few golfers reach out to us recently asking for some advice on how they can keep their game moving in the right direction through the off-season.

So we thought we would compile a list of recommendations for golfers looking for the best ways to practice during winter.

Exercises and Stretching

Whilst the food-laden festive period us a great time to flex those stomach muscles, the downtime isn't so great for all those muscles involved in your golf swing. We had a few golfers here put out of commission by basic injuries at the start of the year, injuries that could easily have been avoided.

Here's a super quick, super simple 20-minute exercise program to keep you loose and injury free:

Here's a reminder of some pre-round warmup exercises that you should consider doing before every round.

Putting Indoors

Arguably the easiest thing you can practice during the winter period, there are plenty of putting aids you can use to help you out.

Here are a couple of winter putting drill videos to help you start the new season with a improved putting stroke:


This video from Dan Whittaker shows you why you absolutely SHOULD NOT practice your chipping out on the course during the winter.

Stick to simulators, or just practice at home, to ensure you're going to return after the winter period to an improved short-game.

Irons & Driver

Slightly harder to practice during the winter. Of course, there's always the option to head up to the driving (here are some tips for practicing while you're there), but practicing with these clubs at home can be a bit limited.

This video from Mark Crossfield covers a broad range of drill options you can use with a number of clubs across your bag:

If you're planning on heading to the driving range to keep your skills honed, be sure to check out our driving range practice guide - it'll help you to better strategise and structure your sessions and see real improvement from your sessions.

Looking for more ways to practice at home? Check out our 'at home' drills blog.


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