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Instant Fixes for the Worst Shots in Golf

No matter the skill level, every golfer has at least one lousy golf shot that plagues their game and removes all real hope of reaching their true golfing potential. These shots can be destructive and demoralising in equal measure and have you fearing the worst each time you stand over a golf ball.

If that sounds familiar, we've gathered together a collection of golf tips from some of the best golf instructors in the game to help you rid your own game of those recurring nightmare golf shots. From the slice to the shank, we've got your back.

Take a look at what we've come up with...

The Slice

One of the most common complaints from amateur golfers, and particularly beginners, is the inability to cure their slice. You'll never play good golf until you rid your game of the slice as it robs you of distance and can place you in all sorts of trouble.

If you're looking for a way to cure your slice, the boys at MeAndMyGolf provide a trio of great golf tips to help you in that particular quest. They explain that clubface control is key and focus on improving your grip, helping you keep the clubface neutral during the swing, and explain the importance of rotating the club post-impact.

Fat Shots

One of the most infuriating shots in golf, particularly if you're in prime position to find the green in regulation. The fat golf shot occurs when your club bottoms out early and you hit behind the ball losing distance (and sometimes your cool).

The ideal strike with your irons is one where the club makes contact with the ball first and follows through to take a divot after the ball. Check out this video from Adam Bazalgette as he gives you his advice and a helpful golf drill to get the bottom of your swing arc 5 inches beyond the ball.

Thin Shots

Hitting your irons shots off the leading edge - or anywhere low on the face - results in the loss of trajectory and unpredictable distance, while you'll likely have felt the impact reverberate through the entire shaft.

Mark Crossfield is up next with a helpful golf tip to avoid thin shots and focuses on helping you to achieve a more downward strike on the golf ball, which in turn will help you hit higher on the clubface.

Leaving Your Putts Short

How many times have you hit a putt only for a playing partner to declare that you 'forgot to hit it'. It's true that if you fail to get the ball to the hole, it never has a chance of going in, so if you're leaving putts short this tip could help.

As well as giving your mid-range putts the chance to drop, improving your distance control from long range on the greens is key to three-putt avoidance. Check out this drill from Andy and Piers at MeAndMyGolf.

The Dreaded Shank

If you're unlucky enough to have developed a case of the shanks, you're not alone. The shank is possibly the ugliest shot in all of golf and when they slip into your game they can very difficult to get rid of.

As Eric Cogorno explains, the development of the shank can often be traced back to an error with weight distribution in the feet. In the video below he gives us two separate drills to help exorcise this particular demon.

Duck Hook

It's often said that a golfer who struggles with a hook is well on his or her way to hitting impressive golf shots. In reality, if your tee-shots are ending up in all sorts of trouble that statement provides very little comfort.

Eric's back again with a video where he talks about the possible causes of the closed clubface that creates a hook, before going in-depth regarding the drills and feels that could cure your hook for good.

What's your nightmare golf shot? Let us know in the comments below.

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