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9 of the Coolest Products at the 2022 PGA Merch. Show

Back at the tail end of January, a few members of Team Hole19 went over to Orlando, Florida for the 69th annual PGA Merchandise Show.

We love heading across the pond each year to discover the latest golf products and innovations.

To help bring the experience to life this time around, we charted our few days in Florida for your viewing pleasure 😃

Check out our slightly delayed vlog, and follow the team's tour around The Orange County Convention Centre.

After you're done watching, you'll get more details on a collection of our favourite products below.


As we ambled around the convention centre, we caught another glimpse of the Lag Shot golf swing trainer. It's a training aid that you can actually hit golf balls with and it promises more lag, greater distance and improved precision accuracy.

Sounds great, right?

Your next question: does it deliver?

Well, last year we put it to the test and it did actually improve our sequencing and tempo on pretty much all shots. It's a thumbs up from us.

Check them out here:

Sqairz Shoes

Sqairz golf shoes allow the toes to sit naturally, allowing for full range of motion and impressive performance benefits.

We love the ingenious concept of the 'Sta-put' laces which comfortably forms the shoe to the top of your foot and locks it in place without having to adjust or re-tie the lace during the round.

With many different designs, there's a Sqairz shoe for everyone.

Check them out here:


We're big fans of electric trolleys - anything that allows golfers to conserve energy for their next golf shot is a winner.

The Bat-Caddy is one of the best electric golf trolleys available today. It has been leading the way in North America due to its impressive ease of use and intelligent design.

The company has been producing electric trolleys since 2004 and have a wide product range that should meet every golfer's needs.

Check them out here:

Sunday Golf

Sunday Golf is a cool, innovative golf company that specialises in portable and lightweight golf bags.

Built to hold seven golf clubs, their Loma bag series presents a carry option without unnecessary bells and whistles. An excellent choice for playing par-3 courses and for any golfer who loves to squeeze nine holes in after work.

Check them out here:


Stix golf clubs bridge the gap between the discount and premium ends of the golf equipment market.  They are a lower-priced alternative to premium brands... a concept similar to the likes of Dollar Shave Club or Harry's Razors.

The focus is on removing the 'noise' and using a true minimalist design to boost performance.

Don't get the wrong idea though - these aren't cheap, low-quality golf clubs. Stix clubs are made with the very same premium materials you’ll find in kits 3x the price.

Check them out here:

True Golf Shoes & Gear

To have an enjoyable round, you need a pair of golf shoes that will allow you to enjoy the walk. True Golf have your back in this respect.

Their aim is to make footwear that isn't just your favourite golf shoe... they should be your favourite shoe... period.

Using the finest materials, the shoes blend comfort, style and functionality to create a footwear option that will protect you from the elements during your round.

Check them out here:

Lambda Classic Golf Shoes

We loved these golf shoes from Lambda Golf - and not just because the company is based in Portugal (just like us)! Some of the designs are simply beautiful.

The shoes are modern, but with a classic twist. You will love these golf shoes if you pursue comfort and stability above all else, but feel your best when rocking a traditional style.

Check them out here:

Flight Scope

We got the chance to test out Flight Scope - the well-known portable launch monitor helping many golfers get more from their indoor golf practice.

We hit a few shots and it was an impressive piece of kit. After connecting to a device (and then hitting the ball, of course) it measures carry distance, clubhead speed, smash factor, ball speed, spin rate and plenty more besides.

For golfers looking for a budget indoor golf simulator solution, the Flight Scope should be firmly on your radar.

Check it out here:

Duca del Cosma Premium Golf Shoes

Duca del Cosma has become a much-loved brand in the golf world for its golf shoes, apparel and high-end accessories.

As you might expect from a luxury Italian brand, style is key. These versatile, fashion-oriented golf shoes would be perfect for golfers who like to enjoy a post-round drink at the 19th hole.

Check them out here:


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