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What's in the great (perhaps even the best) GPS golf apps?

It's becoming increasingly evident that a smartphone can be one of the most important tools at any golfer's disposal when it comes to getting the most out of their game.

These days golf apps are multi-functional and can help enhance the playing experience for all, irrespective of ability.

There are a lot of choices out there, but here's what should you look for in a great, best-of-the-best, mobile golf app:

Allows For Progress Tracking

It's important that you can get an insight into recent performance trends, indicating areas of weakness within your game and helping you tailor future practice. The best golf gps apps can help with this...

The Advanced Stats feature of Hole19 Premium provides trend-line graphs of your key stats - including Scoring, Driving Accuracy, GIR and Putting.

Provides On-Course Assistance

Having a golf & scorecard app that can double up as an on-course caddie can prove invaluable and help shave multiple shots off your score.

As well as the accurate GPS yardages on over 40,000 courses worldwide provided by the free version of the app, Hole19 Premium provides both higher resolution course maps and the ability to gain and store valuable on-course knowledge with our Notes function</a<.

Next time you tee it up, you can consult your notes and make a more confident decision before hitting your shot.

Helps Connect The World Of Golf

It's been said that golf is best as a social sport and (you might not be surprised to hear) we think that any top golf app worth its salt should play a key role in enabling this.

For that reason, all Hole19 users get the benefit of our Social Features and have the ability to connect with golfers from all around the world.

Helps Locate & Book Golf Courses

Being able to book your next golfing adventure direct from a mobile app on your smartphone provides the level of convenience we love here at Hole19.

On our website, or directly via the Hole19 App, you can discover courses around the world and book your next golfing adventure in Portugal or USA. With plenty of discounts and deals to get your hands on, there's no reason not to broaden your golfing horizons.

Adapts To User Feedback

It's often said that if you're standing still, you're falling behind and it's as true for your golf game as it is for those in the golf tech industry.

Adapting to user feedback is massively important to us, and our expert 'techies' are continuously beavering away to bring you the latest developments as soon as is humanly possible (or even sooner if the boss steps in).

A recent development for all Hole19'ers has been the introduction of a 'No Scoring' mode, allowing for a full round of golf using the app without having to keep score.

Upgrade your game today by joining Hole19 on iOS or <a href=""target='new'>Android. You can also explore all the benefits of Hole19 Premium and consider how we can help enhance your golfing experience.


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