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Our Favourite Golf Videos - April 2017

It probably wouldn't come as any great surprise if we told you that, here at Hole19 HQ, we like to share the occasional golf-related video around the office.

Here are some of the videos that we've been watching in April:

Sergio's highlight reel

It was great to see Sergio finally break his major hoodoo and claim the green jacket. This video of his best shots is one we've been watching on repeat.

Golfing Fails from the Masters

No golfing highlight reel would be complete without the bloopers. Augusta's greens claimed many-a-victim...even our friend Matt Fitzpatrick wasn't immune.

Rick Shiel's - MEGA MATCH

The beautiful Prestbury Golf Club was the venue for this 4 ball showdown, featuring the one and only Peter Finch.

Driver DEATH Moves

The gents over at Me & My Golf share their top 'must not' moves that limit driving accuracy and restrict power.

Jordan Spieth plays with 'old-timey' clubs

The modern golfing era is awash with tech, so it was fun to see a tour pro...Jordan Spieth no-less...having a bash with a set of hickory clubs.

Peter Finch in Amondeira

Another vid featuring our favourite golfing Youtuber; this time Pete and Rick are playing a spot of night golf in Amondeira.

This from Justin Thomas definitely gets an honorable mention on this list.


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