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Get Sharp for the New Golf Season: Golf Exercises & Stretches

Last week we shared how we'd like to upgrade our clubs, now we're looking at some improvements that will go beyond the golf bag...

As a part of our pre-season warm-ups, we've been getting in a few distance and power increasing golf exercises to help us kickstart our 2018 seasons.

First, some inspiration courtesy of Rory McIlroy:

Now, here are an example of some of the stretches and exercises we've been trying out:

STRETCHING - A fundamental starting point to any exercise. This 15min, golf specific stretch routine will help improve your joint and muscle mobility (not to mention reduce your risk of injury)...

CORE STABILITY AND STRENGTH - At home - A lot of the power generated in a swing comes from the acceleration generated through the core muscles. These 3 simple exercises will help you get your core strong and ready for golf...

CORE STABILITY AND STRENGTH - At the gym - A great resistance exercise to try at the gym that will pay dividends come tee off time...

POWER MOVES - At home - This quick circuit exercise can easily be done at home and focuses on building explosive power, perfect for increasing your driving distances...

POWER MOVES - In the gym - A combination of resistance and weight training, these 5 moves are going to add distance to every golf club in your bag...

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