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Stop hooking the ball - drive the ball straighter

We have a guy in the office we call 'The Captain'.

This isn't because he sails a boat, or leads a football's because of the way he consistently and devastatingly hooks the ball with his driver.

Captain Hook. Clever, eh?

Here are a few videos to help you to stop hooking the ball off the tee, and avoid the taunts of your pals:

This is one we've shared with 'The Captain' himself. Do you struggle with a duck hook? Want to banish that bothersome bird? Then this is the video for you:

A hook can be caused by an aggressive lower body turn, which causes the body to move through the swing too quickly. Here's a great drill to stop that:

Cure the unwanted curve with an alignment stick and some short swings. This follow-through focussed drill is going to help you control your club-face and swing path at impact:

Could it be your grip? It might not be your swing that's causing you to move the ball so harshly. Correcting it could be a simple case of adjusting your grip on the golf club:

This fix is your last resort. Essentially, it's not a fix. You're just introducing a problem that really is the lesser-of-two-evils. If you've tried it all, and still had no luck, give this a go:

Are you battling a slice off the tee rather than a hook? This blog will help you to stop slicing the ball with a driver.

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