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Golfing New Year's Resolutions 2019

Again, we arrive at the year's end and start looking back on the past twelve months with a critical eye while considering what we could each do that little bit better next year.

With 2019 upon us, we've been throwing around ideas aplenty at Hole19 HQ and trying to pinpoint those that will help each of us get the maximum from our game in 2019.

Let's see what we've come up with....

1. Drive that handicap down (and set a target)

It's the overarching, ultimate aim for every golfer - we're always looking for improvement and watching that handicap tumble is the absolute indication of golfing progress.

In order to get headed in the right direction, it's generally smarter to have a set handicap target. The boys at MeAndMyGolf discuss their best tips for shaving five shots off your handicap score in the video below...

2. Practice dialling in those wedges

Being able to control wedge play from 100 yards and in is a sure-fire way to get our golf game headed in the right direction.

There's no substitute for good hard graft in this respect. Hitting balls at targets and getting a feel for club choice and distance will make us feel more comfortable with in-round shot choice.

The Hole19 App is great at helping you save shots by using the club-by-club stats and Distance Tracking features in Hole19 Premium.

3. Improve the mental game

We've heard it said many, many times: "the most important shot is the next one".

The best golfers often have a rock solid mental game so in 2019 we will be making an extra effort to shake off any golfing horror shows that may befall us.

We'll be sure to take a look back at our blog post from October of this year, focusing in on some hints and tips from professional golfers to help us retain a positive mental attitude and keep our head in the game.

4. Stay injury-free

There's no worse feeling than watching your buddies head to play golf when you're nursing a niggling injury...

Pre-round warm-ups and a little gym work will help enhance the flexibility and strengthening needed to avoid nasty golfing afflictions. You never know, we might even get a little longer off the tee...

5. Expand our golfing horizons

There are countless golf courses around the world waiting to be explored. We all have the local tracks that we have become familiar with and (possibly) a little too comfortable with. In 2019 we want to both test ourselves and sample some of those stunning golf courses we have had our eyes on over the years.

As you plan your next golfing journey, we've got you covered with 42,000+ mapped courses via the Hole19 App.

6. Banish those gimmes

Tied in with a determination to drive down that handicap, whether playing with buddies or on our own, we're planning to legitimately finish every hole in 2019. This will help us in more competitive settings by increasing our confidence over those dreaded knee-knockers.

While we're on the subject of short putts, here are three useful tips from PGA Professional Chris Ryan...

7. As always, play more golf!!

It's a resolution of every golfer everywhere at this time of year. Unfortunately though, life gets in the way and, depending on what part of the world you live in, the weather can be another unwelcome barrier.

With that said, however many rounds we each managed last year... add on another 10 as a bare minimum for 2019!!

How many rounds did you play in 2018? What are your own golfing resolutions? Let us know below...

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